Energy Plus Pack

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Energy Plus Pack

Reference 703207

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Energy+ Pack has the nutritional suplements to help you to get a maximun recovery of your capabilities.

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  • For your acid-base balance, for your immunity and for a good blood pressure
  • Participates to have a good enzymatic digestion and sugars and reduces fatigue
  • Mixture of mineral citrates substances manufactured from plant materials
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  • Rich in Choline, increased of vitamin B complex.
  • Helps to support a healthy liver also to maintain normal levels of homocysteine, as well as contributing to a normal lipid metabolism (fat management) (EFSA health claims)
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  • For your intestinal comfort (EFSA Health Claim)
  • Bio Formulation
  • More than 3 billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria protected by Intelicaps®
  • Vitamin C, acerola outcome for your immunity and helps reduce fatigue (EFSA)
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Description of Energy Plus Pack

Improve your results with Energy+ Pack!

"Maximum Recovery"

Pack Duration: minimum 1 month

1) Quickly recovering, without muscle aches or weariness with Alkaline Formula and Lactacholine!

Theses products are in the Cologne list

Lactacholine & Formule Alcalinisante recompense the loss of minerals from perspiration during sport.

Formule Alcalinisante (Poudre) Lactacholine Dr Jacob's®

  • Helps neutralize lactic acid, diminue les courbatureset retarde l'apparation de la fatigue
  • Limite la déminéralisation osseuse, renforce les os et diminue les risques de blessures
  • Regulates blood pressure et protects cells from oxidative stress
  • Elimination of fat and toxins
  • Limit liver problematics
How many?

2 times a day


During or just after eating for better assimilation. 1 to 2 hours before exercise


3ml of Lactacholine + 1 dose of Alkaline Formula  in 35cl of water


2) Lactiproimmunitum+ Bio, for your intestinal flora, your ally.

Lactiproimmunitum+ Bio

The practice of physical activity can lead to gastrointestinal complications during and after exercise.

  • Restore the permeability of the intestinal flora
  • Digestive transit problems limitation
  • Improves digestion.
How many?

1 capsule per day (with some water)


Before meals


Crème des familles (Eubiontos)

3) Increase your resistance to friction and irritation Family Cream!

  • Increases the flexibility and elasticity ogf the skin.
  • Improve and reduces the risk of injury.

This pack is Gluten & Lactose FREE!

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