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Reference NMJ010
EAN: 4041246300055

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  • New Formula : + of aronia juice and least of agave syrup !
  • Formidable contribution of inulin from Topinambour
  • 30 aromatic herbs, berries amla, chockeberry and elderberry
  • Helps to have a good growth of your flora

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Description of Re-Energetik

Lactic acid prebiotic

  • Re-energizes the metabolism
  • Strengthens the intestinal flora
  • Deliciously refreshing, highly concentrated
  • With Jerusalem artichoke, lactic acid, 48 herbs, chokeberry, elderberry and amla berry

Fresh energy for the intestines and the cells. "The health is situated in the intestines" says an old saying. A healthy intestinal flora and bowel function is essential for a healthy metabolism and an active immune system. A healthy colon has a slightly acidic environment. That is the only way it can accommodate a healthy intestinal flora and relieve the hepatic metabolism.

Soluble fiber, lactic acid and herbs can make a significant contribution to maintain a healthy intestinal flora, if they are attuned to each other synergistically and are consumed in a sufficiently high concentration. RegEnergetikum is rich in natural, prebiotic Jerusalem artichoke that feeds and promotes a healthy intestinal flora .

It also contains a very high concentration of dextrorotatory lactic acid from fermentation, which directly helps to regulate the natural intestinal environment: 10 % pure lactic acid – much more lactate than in conventional products. A daily portion (20 ml) of concentrate containing approximately 2 g of lactic acid - the equivalent to the lactic acid content of about 300 ml of sauerkraut juice - and about 6 g prebiotic fiber. A big plus is the aromatic, fruity flavor that makes it a healthy enjoyment and refreshment.

RegEnergetikum + Dr. Jacob ` s Alkaline Formula goes to the root of acidification and lack of energy!

More energy through regeneration

The cells breathe! The life energy is produced in the power station (mitochondria) of the cells. A healthy, slightly acidic colonic milieu prevents that these power stations become paralyzed by the toxic metabolites from the intestines (mainly ammonia). Because ammonia is excreted as salt and not absorbed into the blood. Citrates stimulate the cell metabolism (TCA cycle).

The liver starts to live

A strong liver gives life strength and energy! RegEnergetikum promotes a healthy intestinal environment and is thereby relieving the liver – the result is noticeably more energy!

Advice for the acid-base balance:

1 spoon Dr. Jacob 's Alkaline Formula with 1 tablespoon RegEnergetikum in a large glass of water. Also excellent in orange juice or apple juice !


1st Week: 10 ml daily with plenty of water ( do not drink it pure) .
 2 Week: 20 ml daily
After opening one month durable,store in a cool place.

Adjust the dosage according to your needs!

Should it come to flatulence through prebiotic fiber about 2 h after consumption, the cause often lies in a disturbance of the intestinal flora with a distinct lack of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli . In this case, the consumption is especially important.
Advice: slowly increase the dose and if necessary, take additional probiotic intestinal bacteria.

In rare cases, a fructose malabsorption and bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine can be the cause of strong wind. An indication of this is that fructose sorbitol, inulin or apple juice lead to severe flatulence in about 30 minutes after consumption. In this case RegEnergetikum is inappropriate.

Legal notices:

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


Jerusalem artichoke concentrate (48%), agave syrup , lactic acid (10 %), elderberry juice (8 %). water, blend of 48 herbs (2 %), chokeberry concentrate (1 %), amla berry extract (0.5 %).

Advice for the acid-alkaline balance:

1 spoon Dr. Jacob's Alkaline Formula with 1 tablespoon RegEnergetikum in a large glass of water.

Convince yourself of the fresh impulse to the intestine and cells!

 Averages per 20 ml:


 Condensing  41 Kcal /173 KJ
 Protein  1.1 g
 Carbohydrates  5.5 g
 of which sugar  5.4 g
 Fat  0 g
 sep. Fatty acids  0 g
 Dietary fiber  6.4 g
 Sodium  0 g
 L (+)- lactic acid  2 g
 Inulin / oligofructose  6.2 g

500 mL (50 servings) food supplements

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Data sheet

NUT NUT/PI 979/8
CNK 2673-002
Dosage form Juice
Type of product Nutritional supplement
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Gluten FREE, Lactose FREE
For who? Men, Women

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