Olivie Plus 30X BIO (Olive oil)

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Olivie Plus 30X BIO

Olive oil

Reference NMA005
EAN: 6111250310727
CNK: 3065554

  • Extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressing) Olivie Plus 30x naturally rich in polyphenol hydroxytyrosol
  • Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Protects your blood lipids against oxidative stress!

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Description of Olivie Plus 30X BIO

Olive oil

Healthy Cholesterol & protection against oxidative stress *

*Bright: hydroxytyrosol limit oxidation of blood lipids, thereby reducing the level of oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and helps protect our arteries against atherosclerosis.

Our oil OLIVIE Plus 30x, which contains up to 30 x more hydroxytyrosol boasts 2 health claims by EFSA confirmed *:

  • Polyphenols present in olive oil OLIVIE Plus 30x helps to protect blood lipids against oxidative stress.
  • Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your diet, such as those found in olive oil OLIVIE Plus 30x, helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

henri-joyeux-face.pngI advise Olivie Plus 30x broadly, but insistently, every day.

Henri Joyeux

Excellent quality!

Our extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressing), Olivie Plus 30x, comes from olives grown in a pollution-free raw land and surrounding contamination. A perfectly perfect quality!

Professor Benlemlih M., director of the Laboratory of Biotechnology, Faculty of Dar El Mehraz Sciences, Fez, Morocco, after analysis confirms that our oil Olivie Plus 30x:
  • contains about 10 times the normal value of total polyphenols: a world innovation! This olive oil certainly has a stronger effect than any other.
  • In addition, it also contains 30 times more than a traditional hydroxytyrosol extra-virgin olive oil.
  • It can be considered an ecological Bio olive oil because has not residue, no trace of pesticide or herbicide is found in the analysis.

See analysis here

Since the Bio label and certificate from Morocco are rejected in Europe, they will no longer be displayed Bio for the product Olivie More 30x.

Naturally 30x richer in polyphenols

According to the methodology "Folin Ciocalteu", analyzes of olive oil extra virgin OLIVIE Plus 30x, have shown that it is a natural oil rich in polyphenols and more particularly at a concentration up to Hydroxytyrosol 225 mg / kg, and tyrosol in a concentration of 150 mg / kg. About 30 times richer than a conventional extra virgin olive oil with a hydroxytyrosol rate of 7 mg / kg.

Comparison of the hydroxytyrosols rate which is contained in our oil Olivie Plus 30x and the conventional olive oil:

Shéma représentant la différence de la teneur en polyphénols de l'huile d'Olive Olivie Plus

The rate of total polyphenols is also more than 5 times higher, quantity, depending on the crop, up to 2908 mg / kg compared to a rate of 253 mg / kg averaged an extra virgin olive oil conventional.

Why this extra virgin olive oil OLIVIE Plus 30x is so rich?

We get this exceptional and unique quality because the olive oil comes from olives planted in a desert rock. Like the vine, an olive tree needs to suffer to produce the best of itself.

The hot environment (up to 50 °C in summer), the rocky soil where the roots can not grow easily, the very rare water, stressing the olive trees. The olive trees produced a phenomenon of panic (survival instinct) which results in a very high production of polyphenols, more particularly, in Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol (self-defense). The ecological suffering of Olivier, it gives the best of itself to protect you!

Considering the unique feature in the world and the high content of polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, ...) contained in our oil, its flavor is more pronounced than the traditional olive oils.

Bioavailability and assimilation

Hydroxytyrosol, the smallest polyphenolic molecular structures existing, is the most powerful polyphenol ans the most easily absorbed by the human body. A molecular mass naturally and extremely low to protect your blood lipids against oxidative stress throughout your body.
Its value is expressed in ORAC 40,000 μmolTE / g.

Graphique avec les données ORAC pour l’hydroxytyrosol, resveratrol, GSE

In brief

Olive oil extra virgin Olivie Plus 30x is naturally rich in polyphenol hydroxytyrosol: the existing smallest of the polyphenolic molecular structures passes without problem since the blood-brain barrier

  • An oil for good cholesterol and protect from oxidative stress.
  • Nearly 30 times richer in polyphenols than a conventional extra virgin olive oil.
  • Until 225 mg / kg of hydroxytyrosol, 150 mg / kg of tyrosol and 10 mg / kg of oleuropein.
  • Hydroxytyrosol, exceptionally bioavailable and bioactive polyphenol. A molecular mass naturally and extremely low for a perfect assimilation throughout your body. 

Its appearance at low temperatures

While the outside temperature is below 7 °C, the appearance of our olive oil Olivie Plus 30x can be slightly modified (crystallization, deposits, whitish color ...) and it's quite normal! A olive oil of high quality solidifies at low temperature, it is the proof that the oil is extra virgin and it is rich in polyphenols. The onset temperature of solidification of olive oil is about 7 °C. Below this temperature, olive oil "freezes", that is to say that whitish particles will be formed as and when the temperature drops to freezing and solidification. A few hours at normal temperature (around 20 °C) will restore its natural color.

This has no negative impact on its quality and it is not necessary to refrigerate.


Its strength flavor 

Olivie Plus 30x is 30 times richer in polyphenols compared to traditional olive oils. This natural power, you'll taste it! Enjoy the incredible flavor strong flavor, slightly peppery and bitter, it shows all its power and profits. To vary its use, you can use it only as a dressing or you can mix it with other vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, wheat germ oil ...). Add a few drops on your bread with a touch of honey to sweeten the taste. Unleash your imagination!


Taste variations, smell and appearance

The taste and smell of Olivie Plus 30x can change depending on the plot where olives are used to produce. In this desert farm, there are several fields that give us this wealth in polyphenols. The influence of soil type, which differs according to the harvested plots has a direct influence on the taste and smell of olive oil Olivie Plus 30x.

In fact, olive oil tub contains sediments. In the beginning  of the setting tub, the sediments remain in suspension, and then, with time, these sediments naturally settle  and are at the bottom of the tub, resulting a lighter oil than the last.

Directions for use

We recommend a daily intake of 2 teaspoons, like a dressing, with bread or alone.

Olivie PLus 30x contains 60 mg of polyphenols per 20 g of olive oil, whether 20x more than the minimum dose recommended by EFSA (5 mg)!

Benefit with minimal calories!

When you consume one tablespoon of Olivie Plus 30x, that corresponds to 30 tablespoons of conventional olive oil, without the calories!

To ensure optimum polyphenol content, we recommend keeping Olivie Plus 30x in its cardboard box.


Olive (Olea europaea L.)

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CNK 3065554
Dosage form Olie
Certificat Halal, Bio Agricert, GMP
Type of product Alicament
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Gluten FREE
Ingredient(s) Olive
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