Ostéofix (Os'imun)

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Reference NMO001
EAN: 5425036460140

Out of stock

  • Specific formulation for healthy bones
  • Organic silicium source 
  • Vitamins, minerals and herbs for your bones
  • Maintenance hair, healthy teeth and nails 
  • 150 Capsules, 30 days (5g./ day)
  • Colorants, sweeteners, gluten, lactose FREE

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Description of Ostéofix


Sustain your bones!

Ostéofix is a vitamins, minerals ans plants synergy, rich in organic silicium to help maintain your bones (vitamins D and K, calcium, zinc, manganese and 2 plants rich in organic silicium (45 mg): Great nettle (800 mg) (Urtica dioica) and Horsetail (520 mg)  (Equisetum arvense)).

Ostéofix is rich in manganese and helps the training of your connective tissues (including bones). The vitamine D helps the absorption and utilization of certain minerals involved in bone matrix (calcium and phosphorus) helping to maintain your good calcium levels (calcium is a mineral found in the bones of a 99%!).

Ostéofix, les vitamines, minéraux et plantes riches en silicium organique qu'il contient participent donc de manière très efficace au maintien de votre ossature normale.

Ostéofix also contains 2 kinds of remineralizing plants and is very beneficial for your bones.

  • The horsetail, rich in minerals and especially in organic silicium (36 mg), is beneficial for your bones.
  • La Grande Ortie est source de vitamines, minéraux et silicium organique facilement assimilables (8 mg) et elle participe, tout comme la Prêle, au maintien de vos.
  • Great Nettle is a source of vitamins, minerals and organic silicium easily assimilated (8 mg) and it likes Horsetail, who helps to boost yourself. Our preparation, is not irritant or spicy!
Ostéofix is colorants, sweeteners, gluten and lactose FREE

Ostéofix summary action

Vitamins K, D, calcium, zinc, and manganese. Healthy bones
Great Horsetail and Nettle rich in organic silicium
Manganese & Copper Healthy formation of connective tissues (including bones)
Vitamine D & Calcium Healthy muscle function (good body support)
Vitamin D Good calcium (calcium level)
Helps to normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus (bone matrix components)

Directions for use

5 capsules daily with meals. One box contains 150 capsules for a period of one month. We recommend a minimum intake for 3 months, 3 boxes of Ostéofix.

Ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist before use.

Other benefits of Ostéofix

➔ Energy, immunity, good teeth, healthy hair and nails, digestive enzymes :

  • Vitamine D and calcium support your teeth structure.
  • Vitamine D, zinc and copper help to normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Calcium, manganese and copper play a role in the healthy energy metabolism.
  • Calcium supports the normal functioning of digestive enzymes.
  • Zinc contributes to normal acid-base metabolism and maintenance your hair and nails.

Our tips for taking care of your bones

- Consume green vegetable sources of calcium (p. Ex. Broccoli, kale, ...)

- Move your joints! The "against resistance exercises" (walking, gymnastics, dance ...) help to strengthen your bones and limit bone loss.

- Sustain your acid-base balance (in the case of tissue acidity, your body push alkaline minerals into your bonnes!).  Alkaline Formula is a good source of alkaline minerals.

- Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, soda and salt that promote calcium loss.

A question? A specific need?

Sandra Cascio, Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, ULg

  • Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • +(33) 3 66 88 02 34 FR
  • +(32) 2 808 13 51 BE
Contact our biochemist Sandra Cascio

Data sheet

Dosage form Vegetable capsules
Type of therapy Phytotherapy
Ingredient(s) Boswellia

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