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Reference NMAL01
EAN: 5425036460058

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  • Prostatic hyperplasia or prostatic hypertrophy
  • Better assimilation : water-soluble extracts of pollens
  • Most pollen allergen components removed
  • Preserved nutrient components

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Description of PollenH

Optimised assimilation

Our PollenH has the particularity to be composed of 2 forms: water-soluble and fat-soluble (prostatic hyperplasia - Numerous clinical studies) in order to improve their assimilation. These standardized natural extracts of pollens from specifically plants approved by science and related to optimize the expected effects: rye (Secale cereale L.), timothy (Phleum pratense L.), corn (Zea mays L.).

1 kg of vegetables are required to produce 1 to 30 g of pollen!

A story of good timing! 

Collected in Sweden, the plant deliver after various sophisticated selection techniques, their purified active pollens, and after then subjected to several quality control (GMP Certificate, ISO ...).

The harvest is a moment that should not be missed, with the risk of postponing the next harvest ... 365 days later!

Elimination of allergenic components

PollenH is the result of a special extraction process used to produce pollen extracts very high quality. After these techniques phases, the outer walls of pollen which containing the majority of allergens are already eliminated. Only the cytoplasm, rich in nutrients, is recovered. This is a particular process.

We are the only in the world to extract and purify the pollen to retain only all the beneficial nutrients found in the cytoplasm and eliminate allergens components on the surface of the grain.

Then, to promote insemination and thus optimize the expected action, these pollen extracts are presented in two forms: a soluble extract and a water-soluble extract.

PollenH accompanies benign prostatic hyperplasia, yes, but even more!

A chemical analysis of PollenH shows that it contains an impressive number of biologically active compounds.

We are talking about vitamins

Il s’agit notamment de vitamines (water-soluble and fat-soluble), minerals, carotenoids, food and physiological amino acids, enzymes (including the six classes of enzymes containing at least 100 different enzymes),  lipids, fatty acids, phytosterols, long chain hydrocarbons, prostaglandins, inhibitors of factors streptolysin (streptococci are family of streptolysin), flavonoids, plant growth regulators, etc.

With its wide range of biological agents, it is not surprising that PollenH can be beneficial in supporting a variety of situations and more benign prostatic hyperplasia. Human and animal research suggests a possible positive support in:

  • anti-inflammatory action
  • protection against cold, flu and infectious mononucleosis
  • accelerate the recovery from the flu, prostatitis, urethritis
  • reduced side effects of radiation therapy in cancer patients
  • relief of pain and improved mobility in osteoarthritis
  • amelioration of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  • relief of menopausal symptoms
  • reducing fatigue in children and older people
  • the protection against cardiovascular disease
  • inhibiting the growth of certain types of cancer

Directions for use

1-2 tablets per day to be consumed with a glass of water.

We recommend a daily intake for 3 months (2 tablets per day for 1 month, followed by 1 tablet per day the following 2 months). You will need two boxes of Pollen H.

Not recommended for children under 18 years. Do not use if allergic to one or more product components. Store in a dry place.

A question? A specific need?

Sandra Cascio, Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, ULg

  • Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • +(32) 2 808 13 51 BE
  • +(33) 3 66 88 02 34 FR
Contact our biochemist Sandra Cascio

Data sheet

Dosage form Tablets
Type of product Nutritional supplement
Type of therapy Phytotherapy
Intolerance Lactose FREE
For who? Men, Women

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