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In 2023, NATURAMedicatrix contributed to the initiatives of the Jacob's Foundation by providing over 66,000 meals

Would you like to explore one of our assistance projects?

With all the suffering and wars in the world, One can despair and bury their head in the sand... Or we can contribute to alleviate some of the suffering.
For those who receive help, it makes life more worthy of being lived. and restores hope.
Today, the Dr. Jacob Foundation and Dr. Jacob’s Medical continue to assist those who have urgent need help!

2022/2023 Report of the Dr. Jacob Foundation and Dr. Jacob’s Medical has provided :

  • More than 1.4 million plant-based meals provided for children in need in Népal
  • Over €160,000 for the victims of the war in Ukraine
  • 6000€ for individuals affected by natural disasters (e.g., in Turkey and Syria).
  • 72 sponsorships for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • We are partners with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and Naturopathie Sans Frontières (Naturopathy Without Borders).

In a world where suffering and conflicts abound, indifference may seem like a tempting refuge.

However, at NATURAMedicatrix, we choose to take action.

Our commitment within the framework of sales Chi-Cafe is the proof: each purchase, slightly increased by a few cents, contributes to these works.

Thanks to this collective effort, we have already provided 66,000 meals to those in need in Nepal.
But our commitment to assistance goes beyond that.

Driven by this spirit of solidarity, we have decided to offer a donation of €5,000 to Dr. Jacob to support his humanitarian projects.

It is a concrete way for us to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need and strengthen the bonds of solidarity that unite us all.

Would you like to learn about one of our assistance projects?

Your medical team at Dr. Jacob, Suzanne, and Ludwig Jacob.

Suzanne et Ludwig Jacob