Dr Jacob's® Lactacholine

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Dr Jacob's® Lactacholine

Reference NMJ009
EAN: 4041246500141

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  • Rich in Choline, increased of vitamin B complex.
  • Helps to support a healthy liver also to maintain normal levels of homocysteine, as well as contributing to a normal lipid metabolism (fat management) (EFSA health claims)

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Description of Dr Jacob's® Lactacholine

Liver - Homocysteine - Grease


. Choline, a substance which participates in many of our biological functions health claims by EFSA confirmed: :

  • SUPPORTS LIVER FUNCTION and helps transport fat and cholesterol out of the liver. Therefore Lactacholine helps support a healthy liver,
  • MAINTENANCE OF NORMAL LEVELS OF HOMOCYSTEINE. This is crucial because a good homocysteine is synonymous of cardiovascular wellness,
  • CONTRIBUTES TO NORMAL LIPID METABOLISM. Thus, more storage of fat in unsightly areas (stomach, thighs ...): a perfect elimination of fat!

Heart - Immunity - Vitality and mental performance

2. The entire range of B vitamins to help:

  • normal cardiac function (B1),
  • reduce fatigue and renewed vitality (B2, B3, B6, B9, B12),
  • support the immune system (B6, B9, B12),
  • protect cells against oxidative stress (B2)

Lactose, gluten and sugar FREE

Ideal for athletes!

Lactacholine is part of the Cologne list. This is important information for athletes, coaches and specialists in sports medicine!

With the natural sweetener from stevia.

Dr Jacob's® Lactacholine is lactose  and suger FREE!.

Each daily dose (2 x 3 ml) provides 2,800 mg of lactic acid L (+), 500 mg of choline, 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12, biotin, folic acid and 200% of B1 and B2.

Direction of use

2 times 3 ml per day diluted in 300 ml of water for a period of over 2 weeks. Never consume pure!

Ideal complement to Lactacholine:

Dr. Jacob’s® Alkaline Formula to help to n healthy acid-base metabolism and energy, while appealing to the 3 beneficial actions of Choline (liver, heart, fat), confirmed by the EFSA.

Usage tips :

The daily intake recommendations if 550 mg of choline, EFSA follows the recommendations that only some 10% of young people and adults reach.

The supply of choline is drastically below these recommendations in all children, and adults of both sexes; it worsens with age and in case of high alcohol consumption, but also during pregnancy and lactation. Choline is essential for healthy fetal development of the brain and memory.

In which case use?

For prevention of choline deficiency (especially during pregnancy and lactation).

The recommended dose of choline by the Food and Nutrition Board of the US (1998) is 425 mg / day for women, 450 mg / day for pregnant women, 550 mg / day for men. An analysis of data from NHANES (2003-2004) shows that choline uptake by adolescents, men, women and pregnant women is much lower than the recommended dose and only 10% have a normal supply of choline (Jensen et al., 2007).

  • In case of drinking regular alcohol

  • During a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  • To minimize tiredness


Lactic acid L (+) (acidifier), water, choline hydrogen citrate, sweetener steviol glycosides, nicotinamide, calcium D-pantothenate, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin.

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Comparaison des Formules Alcalinisantes de Dr. Jacob's®
  Formule Alcalinisante (Poudre)
Formule Alcalinisante (Poudre)
Formule alcalinisante (Comprimé)
Formule Alcalinisante (Comprimés)
Formule alcalinisante Plus
Formule Alcalinisante Plus
Potassium* 1500 mg 1000 mg 1500 mg 600 mg 1200 mg 795 mg
Calcium* 540 mg 500 mg 540 mg 466 mg 400 mg
Magnésium* 370 mg 330 mg 375 mg 300 mg 346 mg 300 mg
Zinc* 4 mg 5 mg 3 mg 3 mg 3 mg 5 mg
Silicium* 40 mg 25 mg 44 mg 50 mg
Vitamine D 5 µg 5 µg 5 µg 5 µg 20 µg
Vitamine C 80 mg 80 mg 240 mg 240 mg
Vitamine K1, K2 75 µg
Complexe de vitamines B vitamine B1 vitamine B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 et B12 vitamine B1
Bore & Curcuma
Extrait de mélisse
Caractéristiques du produit
Posologie quotidienne 1 à 2 mesures (4,5g) dans de l'eau 2x 4 comprimés 1 à 2 mesures (6g) dans de l'eau 4 comprimés 1 à 2 mesures (6g) dans de l'eau 3 comprimés à croquer (2x par jour)
Goût Neutre avec une note de citron, non sucré Neutre Fruité et frais avec vrais morceaux de citron, avec glycosides de stéviol Neutre Fruité avec baies, avec glycosides de stéviol Fruité, goût mangue
Quantité 300 g / ± 67 portions 250 comprimés / 62 jours 300 g / ± 50 portions 250 comprimés / 62 jours 300 g / ± 50 jours 126 comprimés / 20 jours
Prix 26,90€ 29,50€ 24,90€ 31,90€ 22,95€ 31,90€
Prix par portion 0,40€ 0,48€ 0,50€ 0,51€ 0,46€ 1,59€

*dose quotidienne

✔ Tous les produits sont sans gluten, ni lactose, ni sucre, sans sodium ajouté, ni arômes artificiels, ni colorants, ni conservateurs.
✔ Tous les produits sont végétariens, pHysioBase est végétalien (vegan)

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Data sheet

Dosage form Liquid
Certificat Vegan
Type of product Nutritional supplement
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Gluten FREE
For who? Men

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