Power 5 Pack

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Power 5 Pack

Reference 703146

In stock Attention plus que 6 produits en stock

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  • 100% Polyphenols from authentic fermented pomegranate 
  • Highly concentrated and assimilable
  • Boost your immune system (vit. D and A, zinc, selenium)
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  • 100% Polyphenols from authentic fermented pomegranate
  • Lyophilisés puis fermentés par procédé bioactif breveté, highly concentrated and assimilable
  • Fermented pomegranate TOTUM, Dr Jacob's® Pomegranate Elixir
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  • New Formula : + of aronia juice and least of agave syrup !
  • Formidable contribution of inulin from Topinambour
  • 30 aromatic herbs, berries amla, chockeberry and elderberry
  • Helps to have a good growth of your flora
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  • For your acid-base balance, for your immunity and for a good blood pressure
  • Participates to have a good enzymatic digestion and sugars and reduces fatigue
  • Mixture of mineral citrates substances manufactured from plant materials
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  • Keeping your acid-base balance, your good blood pressure
  • Reduces your tiredness
  • Participates in the proper management of sugar
  • Increased by Melissa
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This deliciously hearty and rich in fiber coffee(180g) drinking experience stimulates both body and mind.The secret of Chi-Café proactive lies in its unique, gentle blend of Arabica coffee, prebiotic dietary fiber, extracts of Pomegranate, Guarana, Ginseng and exotic coffee spices, creating a delicious Oriental flavor.

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