Elixir Mediterranean Dr. Jacob's, the original

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Elixir Mediterranean Dr. Jacob's, the original

For a good blood circulation. The well-known benefits of the Elixir of Pomegranate increased active extracts concentrated tomatoes (lycopene + 37 bioactive components) and grapes (resveratrol)

  • extracts of active tomato concentrates 75 ( Lycopene + 37 bioactive constituents), for a good blood circulation
  • 10% of grapes for rich resveratrol extract

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Description of Elixir Mediterranean Dr. Jacob's, the original


The benefits of the POMEGRANATE Elixir fermented, plus a patented water-soluble tomato concentrate WSTC1 and a TOTUM concentrated resveratrol; french grape polyphenols these fruits are part of Mediterranean lifestyle:

  • the juice and pulp of about 41 grenades matured in the Sun, gently concentrated and rich in polyphenols from fermented pomegranate and bioactive,
  • the extract of grape with Resveratrol 10 times more concentrated than a traditional fermented grape juice.
  • a concentrate of especially soluble tomatoes from approximately 75 tomatoes, they help to maintain a healthy platelet aggregation, thus contributing to a good blood circulation*.

Promoting the blood circulation of the tomato extract effect is confirmed by 15 clinical studies and the European authority for food safety (EFSA). A total of 37 components from water-soluble tomato concentrate showed inhibition of platelet aggregation and thus contribute to a good blood circulation!


The effect is felt quickly endeans 1 h 30 and lasts from 12 to 18 hours for light legs daily!!


What is best in approximately 41 grenades: 600 mg of polyphenols of Grenade per 20 ml. Our other products in the range fermented pomegranate, like the GranaProsan or the GranaCor also contain a highly concentrated amount of polyphenols which are obtained by the method of Dr. Jacob’s ® living fermentation.


The only natural solution, whose beneficial effects for a good blood circulation, are demonstrated by several scientific studies)in vitro, in vivorandomized clinical trials versus placebo) and confirmed by a health claim granted by a panel of scientific experts consisting of about fifteen people of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Tomato comes from approximately 75 tomatoes, or 3 water-soluble tomato extract g for 20 ml Elixir Mediterranean. It comes from “freezing” yellow (or mucilage) surrounding the seeds of tomatoes. More than just lycopene, it contains 37 additional bio-active components that maintain a healthy platelet aggregation and are involved in a good blood circulation! It is simple, natural and safe. It does not interfere with other dietary supplements and can also be consumed by pregnant women.

The improvement of blood circulation is felt the first day and quickly in 97% of the population!


Platelets can become “thorny” and thus activate the coagulation, not only in case of injury, but also stress, Overweight/obesity, high cholesterol, smokers and during regular or intense sports practice. The patented tomato extract keeps the soft pads and thus participates in circulation in the blood vessels, without preventing natural and desired coagulation in case of injury (as evidenced by several scientific publications: O’ Kennedy N et al. 2003b;) O’ Kennedy et al., 2005; O’ Kennedy et al., 2006 c; O’ Kennedy et al., 2007; Song V et al. 2008; Zhang F et al. 2007/2008).

 We can compare this phenomenon to the traffic of a highway. Imagine that platelets are cars, each running at a brisk pace on his band. If 2 or more cars crash, dozens of kilometres of files are created... Therefore, one can easily understand the importance of maintaining the smooth flow of cars on the highway to keep the motorway traffic flow!

 NB: you not Kirti in your store in order to consume large quantities of tomatoes because you will not get the same benefits. Unfortunately, we absorb not sufficiently quickly the active components of the tomato


The Mediterranean Elixir contains 5 mg per 20 ml of resveratrol! This corresponds to the rate of resveratrol content in about 500 ml of red wine’s quality, or about 10 times more than in a juice of traditional fermented grape! Effective aid for a good cardiovascular function.

Direction of use

The beneficial effects are obtained with a daily consumption of 20 ml of Elixir Mediterranean, pure or diluted in 250 ml of water, maximum 3 water-soluble tomato concentrate g (EFSA).

Our advice

To a bio-availability, taste the Mediterranean Eixir between meals. Shake before use. Open, the Mediterranean elixir keeps 7 weeks in the fridge.

Our tip: Mix 1 glass of soy milk with 10ml Elixir, a true delight!

A question? A specific need?

Sandra Cascio, Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, ULg

  • Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • +(33) 3 66 88 02 34 FR
  • +(32) 2 808 13 51 BE
Contact our biochemist Sandra Cascio

Data sheet

EAN: 4041246500233
CNK 3550563
Dosage form Juice
Certificat ÖKO-CONTROL
Type of product Alicament
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Lactose FREE
Ingredient(s) Pomegranate, Raisin, Tomate
For who? Men, Women

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