Xaventin's bag formula is heat sensitive (withstands up to 15°C), Xaventin's tablets formula, for its part, withstands up to 22°C.

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Nutritional supplement

Xaventin 14 sachets

  • Heart, vitality, maintenance bones, muscles and connective tissues (EFSA health claims)

A long fermentation process that increases the bioavailability of the  wheat germ components:

  • releases vitamin, mineral and quinones
  • multiply the supportin in your biological processes

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14 sachets

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EAN : 5999505010773

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New packaging, 14 sachets instead of 30 sachets!

I am cured for follicular lymphoma to large and small cells since 1996. After 6 years of remission chemo treatments until November 2013, the hospital had informed me that the treatments had no effect at this point they offered me the palliative care which I refused.I take now Xaventin since December 2013. My condition has improved quickly and I feel very good. I still follow regularly treatment by the oncology department of the hospital.

Joseph C. -- Testimony date: Sept. 11 / 2014

A unique method!

Xaventin is extracted from the best quality of wheat germ, processed by fermentation. During this long fermentation process, wheat seeds are placed in presence of a certain amount and specific yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with pH and temperature monitored continuously.

An intelligent process that increases the bioavailability of its components, frees quinones, vitamin B1 and minerals and leverages to support your biological processes. The active substance is called Avemar pulvis and contains 400μg / g quinones.

Numerous EFSA's health claims

Vitamin B1, phosphorus and manganese help  to maintain a good energy metabolism. Vitamin B1 also contributes to healthy heart function and normal nervous system function. Phosphorus helps  to maintain a framework and healthy dentition. Manganese helps to protect cells against oxidative stress and to forme up connective tissue, source of proteins that help build muscle.


Vitamin B1, phosphorus and manganese to contribute to normal energy metabolism

Vitamin B1 also contributes to normal heart function and normal functioning of the nervous system.

Phosphorus to help maintain a normal bone and teeth.

Manganese to help protect cells against oxidative stress.

Xaventin is extracted from the best quality of wheat germ, selected and processed by a special patented pharmaceutical technology. Wheat germs are fermented by a certain amount of a specific yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in a long process where the pH and temperature are monitored continuously.

The original idea comes from Albert Szent-Györgyi famous scientist, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Xaventin is 100% natural!

The active substance of Xaventin, Xaventin pulvis, won the NutrAword in the category of the "Best New Product" during the famous exhibition of natural products in United States, California in 2006.

Unique process that uses the embryo of the wheat germ, a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and proteins that your body will assimilate easily.

A box of granules Xaventin contains 15 sachets of 17 g.

How to take Xaventin ?

  • Pour al the contents of the sachet into a glass, add 100-200 ml of cold water, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. Xaventin granules can be dissolved in fresh drinks like tea, yogurt, cocoa or milk. A fresh or cold iquid makes the solution more enjoyable to consume.
  • Consume 1 hour before meals.
  • Consume 2h before or after all uptake of vitamin C.
  • If your weight is less than 200 lbs, consume 1 sachet / day.
  • If your weight exceeds 200 lbs, consume 2 sachets / day.

One dose of 8.5 g / day of Avemar pulvis (17 g of Xaventin) equivalent to the consumption of 700 g of whole wheat bread. 

Download the analysis certificate of Xaventin by clicking here

Download the microbiological analysis certificate of Xaventin by clicking here


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Certificate of sale

Différences entre Xaventin en sachet et en comprimés

Xaventin 14 sachets
Xaventin (14 sachets)
Xaventin (comprimés)
Xaventin (comprimés)
Forme Poudre (dissoudre dans de l'eau) Comprimé (à avaler avec un verre d'eau)
Principe actif Xaventin pulvis
Consommation en fonction du poids
  • En dessous de 50 kg = 1/2 sachet / j
  • En 50 et 90 kg = 1 sachet / j
  • Plus de 90 kg = 2 sachets / j
  • En dessous de 50 kg = 2 x 4 comprimés / j
  • En 50 et 90 kg = 2 x 5 comprimés / j
  • Plus de 90 kg = 2 x 7 comprimés / j
Conservation En dessous de 15°C En dessous de 22°C
Diabétiques Contient du sucre Pauvre en sucre
Conditionnement 1 boîte = 14 sachets 1 flacon = 150 comprimés

Data sheet

Reference NMB003
Manufacturer NaturaMedicatrix
EAN 5999505010773
Dosage form Powder
Quantity 14 sachets
Certificat GMP, Vegan (NM)
Type of product Nutritional supplement
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Lactose FREE, Sans soja
Ingredient(s) Wheat germ
For who? Men
Spécificité Haute concentration

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