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Chi-Cafe proactiv


This deliciously hearty and rich in fiber coffee(180g) drinking experience stimulates both body and mind.The secret of Chi-Café proactive lies in its unique, gentle blend of Arabica coffee, prebiotic dietary fiber, extracts of Pomegranate, Guarana, Ginseng and exotic coffee spices, creating a delicious Oriental flavor.

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Chi-Café proactive delicious, invigorating, fiber rich

This deliciously hearty and rich in fiber coffee drinking experience stimulates both body and mind.The secret of Chi-Café proactive lies in its unique, gentle blend of Arabica coffee, prebiotic dietary fiber, extracts of Pomegranate, Guarana, Ginseng and exotic coffee spices, creating a delicious Oriental flavor. Arabica coffee and Guarana stimulate body and mind - gently and persistently. Soluble fiber may benefit the digestion and promote healthy intestinal flora and bowel movement.

Free from gluten and lactose. No added sugar. Produced in Germany.


Arabica coffee
These fine Arabica coffee beans are only grown in the highlands. The coffee tree has intensely fragrant white flowers, maturing to deep red cherries. Arabica coffee has a distinctive aroma and is known world-wide for its fine, stomach-friendly quality. The distinctive cherries are gently roasted into a soluble coffee.

Guarana from the rain forests of Brasil is a natural tonic. Its guarantin and caffeine are more slowly and gently absorbed in the body than normal coffee – hence we need less caffeine for a smoother and longer-lasting stimulating effect.

In China this exotic and aromatic elixir of life was worth its weight in gold for centuries  

The health effects of pomegranate has been known for millennia wherever it is grown. The special fruit is considered as a symbol of fertility and immortality. No wonder that the old German word for pomegranate is "paradise apple". Dr. Jacob's Medical has been a leader in Pomegranate research for 7 years. We have the exclusive recipe in how to make a pomegranate juice extract that harmonizes delightfully with our Chi-Café proactive.

Coffee spices
Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, Jamaica pepper, nutmeg, and bourbon vanilla are used in Arabia for the refinement of coffee enjoyment. They masterfully complete our savory and aromatic coffee.

Prebiotic fiber for a good gut feeling
In Asia the intestines are considered as the seat of chi, the vital force for health. The Japanese call it Hara, meaning the center of physical and mental strength. Today we know why the Hara is crucial for our well-being because it is where the abdominal brain is situated with its 100 million nerve cells.

Chi-Café fiber from Acacia fiber promotes a positive intestinal flora and regular bowel movements. Each serving (5 g) contains about 3.2 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber.

Nutritionists recommend 30 grams of daily fiber. Today many people take 15 grams or less whilst a century ago 100 grams a day were common with intestinal and metabolic disorders virtually unknown.

Preparation: 2 teaspoons (5 g) of Chi-Café proactive in a cup, add hot water – add milk or sweetener according to preference and taste.

Recommendation: Drink with every cup of Chi-Café a glass of water and maintain a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Acacia fiber, soluble Arabica coffee (25%), dextrin, guarana extract (5%), pomegranate juice extract (1.7%), ginseng (0.3%), cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, Jamaica pepper, nutmeg, bourbon vanilla. Contains about 115 mg of natural caffeine per serving.

180 g (36 cups)

4 possible choicesChi-Cafe BalanceChi-Cafe ClassicChi-Cafe ProactiveChi-Cafe Bio
Magnesium: tiredness / memory /concentration  
Calcium: bones / teeth    
Fibres végétales alimentaires ✓ Acacia 55%
Corn dextrin
✓ Acacia 72% ✓ Acacia 65%
Corn dextrin
✓ Acacia 75%
Soluble coffee Arabica 22% Arabica 16%, Robusta 4% Arabica 25% Arabica doux, Robusta
Guarana extract ✓ 4% ✓ 5% ✓ 1,5%
Reishi and/or Ginseng
Pomegranate extract ✓ 1%   ✓ 1,7%  
Spices cocoa vanilla cardamom, cinnamon, cloves clove, pepper, nuts
nutmeg, vanilla Bourbon
reishi, ginseng
Polyphenols per 100g 4g   4,8g  
Protein per 100g 3g 3,3g 2,9g 6,1g
Caffeine per portion 85mg 50mg 115mg 50mg
Cost / cup 0,37€ 0,32€ 0,37€ 0,35€
Number of cups / box 36 66 36 67

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  • Vegan


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Chi-Cafe Balance
Chi-Cafe Classic
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Chi-Cafe Proactive
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Chi-Cafe Bio
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ReiChi Cafe
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Magnésium : fatigue / mémoire / concentration
Calcium et magnésium : os / dents Magnésium Magnésium
Vitamine C
Vitamine B12 : système nerveux / énergie
Vitamine B2 et B3
Fibres végétales alimentaires Acacia 35% Acacia 55%
Dextrine maïs
Acacia 72% Acacia 65%
Dextrine maïs
Acacia 75%
Café soluble Café vert
Café décaféiné
Arabica 22% Arabica 16%, Robusta 4% Arabica 25% Arabica doux, Robusta Espresso
Guarana 19%
Extrait de café vert (1%)
Thé soluble extrait de thé vert (5%)
extrait de thé maté (2%)
Extrait de Guarana 4% 5% 1,5%
Reishi et/ou Ginseng
Extrait de grenade 1% 1,7%
Épices poudre de lait de coco, ginseng, reishi cacao ginseng, reishi cardamome, cannelle, clous
de girofle, piment, noix de
muscade, vanille Bourbon
orge poudre de coco, reishi, ginseng poudre de mangue
Polyphénols par 100g 4g 4,8g
Protéines par 100g 5,2g 3g 3,3g 2,9g 6,1g > 7g > 5g
Caféine par portion 0 75mg 50mg 80mg 50mg 75mg 20mg
Coût / tasse ± 0,43€ ± 0,37€ ± 0,32€ ± 0,35€ ± 0,35€ ± 0,48€ ± 0,25€
Nombre de tasses/boîte ± 50 ± 36 ± 66 ± 72 ± 67 ± 60 ± 72
Boîte 250g 180g 400g 360g 400g 300g 180g

Data sheet

Reference NMJ077
Manufacturer NaturaMedicatrix
Supplier Jacob's Medical
EAN 4041246501537
CNK 2775922
Dosage form Powder
Quantity 360g
Certificat Vegan
Type of product Alicament
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Gluten FREE, Lactose FREE
For who? Women, Men
Spécificité Chi-Cafe



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