Chi-Cafe Balance

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Chi-Cafe Balance

Reference NMJ015
EAN: 4041246500073
CNK: 3156627

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  • Non acidifying coffee vegetable
  • Contributes to your good memory and concentration (EFSA health claims)
  • Helps reduce fatigue, good muscle and psychological functions (EFSA claims)
  • Coffee vegetable consisting of plant fibers (55% Acacia fiber)
  • Guarana Extract (4%), pomegranate juice, ginseng, cocoa powder and green coffee (2%).

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Description of Chi-Cafe Balance

Comparer et bien choisir son Chi-Cafe

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Stop the damaging effects of coffee with a Chi-Cafe Non acidifying

Healthy and tasty: Chi-Café ® Balance. For the coffee lover, a great opportunity to give the best to your body and soul.

Instant coffee + fibres + minerals + green coffee + Guarana + pomegranate + ginseng. Gluten en lactose free

Chi means life force, take this coffee and full your day of Chi vitality!

Guarana gentle stimulation

Chi-Café ® Balance caffeine comes from a tropical fruit  calls guarana. Guarana caffeine is released gradually, and that is why gets a softer and more durable effect caffeine (about 85 mg per cup).

Chi-Café ® Balance combines pleasure and health. It is highly digestible, stimulates us softly.

Why coffee with dietary fiber?

En Asie, le « Hara » est considéré comme la source du « Chi ». Là-bas, les fibres passent pour avoir beaucoup de valeur. Mais chez nous, malgré leurs nombreux avantages, nous mangeons trop peu de fibres alimentaires. L'EFSA recommande d'en consommer minimum 25 g par jour. Les fibres alimentaires à base de fibres d'acacia sont très digestes. Trois tasses fournissent 10 g de fibres alimentaires, 112 mg de magnésium et 120 mg de calcium.

Contribution of beneficial minerals

Energy, digestion, healthy bones, memory and concentration

Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue, the normal functioning of the nervous system to normal muscle function as well as normal psychological functions (memory and concentration).

Calcium supports the normal functioning of digestive enzymes.

Calcium & Magnesium maintenance of healthy bones.

Gentle stimulation, guarantee of a healthy pleasure

  • Gentle stimulation without excitement
  • Very soft and digestible
  • Dietary fiber acacia
  • Soluble coffee roasted coffee base and arabica green coffee, guarana, pomegranate, ginseng and a touch of cocoa
  • With magnesium and calcium

Chi-Café ® Balance combines pleasure and health. It is very digestible, stimulates us softly. It has an alkaline effect on metabolism. Its secret lies in its harmonious and well-balanced composition of Arabica, Robusta, acacia fibres, magnesium, calcium, extracts of green coffee beans, Guarana and ginseng –lactose and gluten free.

The fibres improve the quality of our digestion. The good functioning of our bowels plays a central part in our well-being. Magnesium maintains the normal heart beat, our muscles and nerves and our energy metabolism. Together with calcium it improves bone density.(Efsa claims)


Put 2 teaspoons (5 g) of Chi-Café ® balance in a cup (about 120 ml), put boiling water, sweeten with SteviaBase if necessary, and add milk / vegetable cream. Also soluble in cold water for a hit or iced coffee.

Enjoy it only 3 cups a day and ensure a varied and balanced diet in a healthy lifestyle.


Acacia fiber (55%), instant coffee (22%), corn dextrin (9%), guarana extract (4%), magnesium citrate, natural flavor (cocoa, ginseng extract), green coffee extract (2%), calcium citrate, extract of pomegranate juice (1%). Contains per cup (5g) about 85 mg of natural caffeine


100 g/% RDA

3 cups (15 g) / %RDA



675kJ/161 kcal

101kJ/24 kcal


3 g

0,4 g


3,8 g

0,6 g

which sugars

3,2 g

0,5 g


0,1 g


which saturates

0,03 g

0,0 g


63 g

9,5 g


0,1 g

0,0 g


750 mg/200%

112,5 mg/30%


800 mg/100%

120 mg/15%



0,6 g

Compare and choose your Chi-Café!

4 possible choicesChi-Cafe BalanceChi-Cafe ClassicChi-Cafe ProactiveChi-Cafe Bio
Magnesium: tiredness / memory /concentration  
Calcium: bones / teeth    
Fibres végétales alimentaires ✓ Acacia 55%
Corn dextrin
✓ Acacia 72% ✓ Acacia 65%
Corn dextrin
✓ Acacia 75%
Soluble coffee Arabica 22% Arabica 16%, Robusta 4% Arabica 25% Arabica doux, Robusta
Guarana extract ✓ 4% ✓ 5% ✓ 1,5%
Reishi and/or Ginseng
Pomegranate extract ✓ 1%   ✓ 1,7%  
Spices cocoa vanilla cardamom, cinnamon, cloves clove, pepper, nuts
nutmeg, vanilla Bourbon
reishi, ginseng
Polyphenols per 100g 4g   4,8g  
Protein per 100g 3g 3,3g 2,9g 6,1g
Caffeine per portion 85mg 50mg 115mg 50mg
Cost / cup 0,37€ 0,32€ 0,37€ 0,35€
Number of cups / box 36 66 36 67

A question? A specific need?

Sandra Cascio, Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, ULg

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Contact our biochemist Sandra Cascio

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CNK 3156627
Dosage form Powder
Certificat Vegan
Type of product Alicament
Type of therapy Nutritherapy
Intolerance Lactose FREE
For who? Men, Women
Spécificité Chi-Cafe

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